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Academic year 2023-24

St John's joined The Priory Federation of Academies Trust in January 2024. Each Academy in the Priory Federation has its own Local Governing Body (LGB) and the individuals on this committee are known as Governors. The LGBs are advisory committees to the Priory Federation of Academies Trust – as established in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegated Authority.

The Governors of the LGB are responsible to the Trust for supporting the day-to-day running of the Academy. The LGB is not independent of the Trust. The Chair of the LGB is a Trust nominee and the Head of the Academy is an ex-officio member of the Governing Committee.

Each LGB has a small number of governing sub-committees, including a Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (constituted as required).

Furthermore, each governor is linked to a member of the SLT both as ‘critical friend’ and as a Link Governor. Each Link (Governor/SLT) is responsible for one or more elements of the academy's self-evaluation record (SEF). The governors challenge the SLT members to provide secure evidence for the SEF and support the SLT member in reaching the judgements for the SEF.

Training of the governing body in the development of self-evaluation is the focus of governor CPD on a biannual basis.

A list of our current Governing Body members, together with any non-confidential documents, can be found on our Governor pages. Please see the links below to view our governors' declaration of interests register and our governors' attendance records.

Clerk to The LGB: 

Mrs K Morgan (

Chair of the LGB: 

Mr P Drury
c/o St John's Primary Academy, Grantham Road, Bracebridge Heath, LN4 2LD. (Tel: 01522 537350)

Vice Chair:  

Mrs T Footsoy 


Mrs S Manders (Member appointment pre-2024)
Mrs E Jefferson (Headteacher)
Mrs E Forrest-Leigh (Member appointment pre-2024)
Mrs T Footsoy (Trust appointment; Parent Governor)
Mrs K McLoughlin (Parent Governor)
Mr P Drury (Trust appointment)
Mr D Willars (LGB appointment)
Mrs R Tasker (Staff Governor)

Governors with specific responsibilities
Mrs K McLoughlin - Safeguarding Link Governor
Mrs S Manders - Careers Link Governor
Mr D Willars - Disadvantaged Link Governor
Mrs E Forrest-Leigh - SEND Link Governor

Historic information

St John's SAT annual report and accounts year-end 1st January 2024

St John's SAT annual report and accounts 2022-23
St John's SAT annual report and accounts 2021-22
St John's SAT Directors' Attendance 2022-23