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Home learning for next week (30.11.20)

Show and Tell 


Please may your child make a Christmas decoration. This could be a snowflake, tree decoration, stocking etc. Please take a photo and put onto tapestry. The children love showing their photos to their class. 


Looking forward to seeing all their wonderful creations! 

Welcome to Early Years! 


The children have settled in really well and have enjoyed playing in our indoor and outdoor learning environment! 


This term we are learning all about Autumn and Christmas. We will also look at Bonfire night and Remembrance day. In Phonics, we are learning lots of new sounds and have been practising reading three letter words. In Maths, we will continue looking at numbers up to 10 (and 20), counting out and ordering numbers. We will also be looking at 2d and 3d shapes. In Literacy, we will be having a go at writing simple sentences by listening to the sounds we can hear in words. 



Home Learning 

Last term, your child came home with a bookbag full of learning resources. Please can you help your child learn the 'jolly phonics' sounds. They can colour in the pictures and have a go at writing the letter using the correct formation. There are also some words to learn to read. There are five tricky words (to, no, go, I, the) which the children cannot sound out and there are some character names from our reading scheme (Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy, Mum and Dad) - some can be sounded out with the sounds the children will learn. 

There are also numbers 0 to 20. Can your child put them in the correct order from 0 to 10 (and then 20 once they are confident up to 10)? Can they count out objects to a given number? 


Your child will also have a log in to the following websites: 


Teams (Office 365) - in case your child needs to isolate, s/he can access their school learning from here to do at home. You can also put your learning on here in your own 'folders' and the teachers can have a look. 


Bug club - - there are books on here which your child can read. There are wordless books to begin with - your child can make up their own story using the pictures.  - Phonics games where your child can learn their sounds and play different games.


Useful websites:   - Phase 2 buried treasure game       - - Lots of different games for Maths 




Growing young minds: a great place to enjoy learning!