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St John's Primary Academy


Geography Curriculum Intent

At St John’s Primary Academy, we aim for children to know how to ‘think like a geographer’. Giving children this skill will allow them to: use their knowledge in a range of different contexts; think about alternative futures; and to consider their influence on decisions that have been and will be made.


We aspire to develop our pupils’ understanding of the role they play in different environments from a local level at school, home and community, to a larger scale as responsible and kind citizens of our country and world; for them to understand how environments have changed due to human action and know that if they are respectful of their local, national and international environment that they can affect a positive influence.


Year on year, we intend for our pupils to be increasingly knowledgeable, confident and assured in using and understanding the different vocabulary and equipment, that is associated with the four different strands in which geography can be split into: locational, place, skills and fieldwork and human and physical.


We look for our pupils to develop their fieldwork skills by allowing them the opportunities to think for themselves and independently explore different concepts in the real world. We hope that these experiences will allow each child to appreciate the importance of geography as a subject which has relevance and importance in their everyday lives.

Using the school’s Growth Mindset, we expect the children to tackle any challenges which they may face in the area of geography. We look for the children to use any mistakes as an opportunity to learn something new in this area and to help them to have strategies to tackle any future challenges as students or as responsible citizens later in life.

Growing young minds: a great place to enjoy learning!