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St John's Primary Academy

Who's Who

Who’s Who


Senior Team:


Co Headteachers: Mrs L Marcer and Mrs G Jarish       

Acting Co Headteacher: Mr B Thornton

Deputy Headteacher: Mr B Thornton


Safeguarding Lead: Mrs L Marcer

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mr B Thornton

Designated Teacher for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children: Mrs L Marcer


Office Staff:          


School Business Manager:       Mrs J Williams       

Administrator:                        Mrs N Day

Administrator:                        Mrs M Barr

Administrator:                        Mrs K Morgan


Site Manager            


Mr P Burgess

Cleaning Staff


Mrs L Riley
Mrs C Elsom
Mrs S Sadler
Mrs D Gardiner

Mrs S Griffiths


Teaching Staff:


Foundation Stage     Miss Ward & Miss Richardson


Year 1                      Mrs Tasker & Mrs Trimby


Year 2                      Mrs Frain & Mrs Todd/Mrs Coldbeck 


Year 3                      Mrs Noronha & Miss Opie


Year 4                      Miss Porter & Mrs Batley/Mrs Cowling


Year 5                      Mr Morris & Miss Coxon/Mrs Argent


Year 6                      Mrs Ballard & Mr Dunn


SENCo                      Mrs Smallacombe                                             


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Bosworth

Miss D Beeley 
Mrs J Turner-Harrison 
Mrs E Richardson 
Mrs B Swallow 

Mrs S Sadler 

Mrs L Moore 

Mrs C Hickling 

Mrs J Bullivant

Miss K Dowling

Mrs L Coucom

Mrs K High

Ms S Toulson

Mr E Clay

Miss S Dickens

Mrs A Davis

Mrs S Bulled

Mrs K Rothwell

Mr B Brown

Mr G Wright

Mrs S McMaster



Midday Controllers:


Mrs D Gardiner

Mrs S Griffiths


Midday Meals Supervisors:


Miss K Delaney

Ms K Dowling

Mrs W Melton

Mrs K High

Mrs S Harley

Ms S Toulson

Mrs S Bulled

Mrs D Thorley

Miss E Budworth

Mrs R Botham

Mrs S Gilbert

Miss A Pettit

Miss T Hopkin





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