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Meet the Teacher Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term 1


This term our topic is called 'Paws, claws and whiskers' and we will be learning all about animals! Mrs McKessar and Mrs Nelson are very excited! We will be  writing sentences using our phonic knowledge to sound out words and leaving big finger spaces in between our words. Our writing this term will mostly be about pets and wild animals. In Maths, we will be concentrating on writing our numbers correctly and counting confidently up to 100! In Phonics, we will be making sure we are confident recognising all those digraphs and trigraphs learned so far and reading them in words. In Science, we will be learning some big words - herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and learning which animals are in each group. 


We are currently hearing each child read and will be sending home reading books shortly. Book change will be on a Thursday. 



 Tips to help your child
  • Try to listen to your child read as often as you can as this helps build up their fluency. 
  • Keep practising your child's word cards from Early Years.  You can do this through games such as treasure hunt, bingo, hide words in sand, 'fish' or 'splat' the word card, spot the words in a different book etc.
  • There are many phonics apps available to download such as 'teach your monster to read'. This can make learning at home more appealing.
  • There are also many phonic websites such as phonics play - phase 3 /4. There are lots of games on here that the children are familiar with and helps them to read both 'real' words and made up words.
  • Mr Thorne does Phonics - on this website, you can watch Geraldine the giraffe demonstrate how to say the sounds and find words with the chosen sound in.
  • Practise writing letters and numbers using the correct formation. Chalk on the floor, paint, in sand, etc. It is very important that children learn how to form their letters and numbers correctly. 



Growing young minds: a great place to enjoy learning!