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St John's Primary Academy


PE Curriculum Intent

At St John’s, we aim to provide every child with the best possible physical education in order to provide a solid foundation from which our pupils can progress through their overall development.


Sport and physical activity plays a massive role in shaping and sculpting an individual’s attitude towards their own skills, ability, development and behaviour. The aims of the P.E curriculum at St John’s is to support pupils to progress physically, technically, socially and psychologically and helping them to understand the benefits that sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can provide.


By the end of Year 6 we want all children to…

  • To have knowledge and experience of a wide range of sports and activities, and feel confident to explore and engage in out of school clubs.
  • To experience and enjoy healthy competition, regardless of the outcome (win or lose) and to understand that losing is an opportunity for learning.
  • To have a greater understanding of the importance of physical activity in daily life and the health benefits which come from living an active lifestyle.
  • To use sport and physical activity as a means to develop their life skills and their personalities, such as self-esteem and teamwork. Equipping them with skills to support them in later life.
  • To understand how sport can be a force for the greater good, bringing people, communities, nations, religions and cultures together and supporting each other.

Progression of Knowledge

Growing young minds: a great place to enjoy learning!