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History Curriculum Intent

At St. John’s we believe that our children’s experience of History should allow them to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of our country’s past and that of the wider world. We want History to inspire children’s curiosity of the world in which they live and enrich their understanding of the culture and history of all people.


In looking at key figures in History we will promote aspiration, kindness, tolerance, diversity and equality. This will allow all children to aspire to learn from the past and realise that no barrier can’t be overcome. Our growth mindset approach will support children with this.


When learning about History our children will have opportunities to ask questions, think critically, consider evidence, understand arguments, debate and develop tolerance and understanding of all people. We want children to understand the complexity of people’s lives by understanding their history.  We believe that this will support our aspiration that all children need to develop a respect and responsibility for all citizens of the world.


We believe that teaching History should be about local, national and global events thereby enhancing the children’s respect and understanding of themselves, their locality, the history of our nation and the history of the wider world.

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