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Year 6

Year 6

This is an exciting term for year 6!  As part of our 'A Child's War' topic, the children visited Eden Camp and will be visiting The Holocaust Centre in a few weeks.  The children will be celebrating with a VE style party towards the end of the term, so start planning your outfits now!  (You can still view some of last years outfits, which were fantastic, at the bottom of this page).


The Showroom

 The children who have not visited Edale, had an opportunity to try rock climbing, dodgeball and parkour at The Showroom, in Lincoln.  It was fantastic seeing how high the children could climb and several children conquered their fear of heights! Very proud of their efforts.


Eden Camp in October (previous year 6)

Year 6 Residential


In November, Year 6 will be going to Edale for there Residential trip. 


Some of the activities will include: abseiling from a viaduct; weaseling and climbing on rock faces; canoeing in a local reservoir; hiking at night up Kinder Scouts; orienteering and treasure hunting.


Here are some thoughts from the year 6 children who visited last year.  


"I conquered my fear of heights."              "The abseiling was awesome." smiley                 "I loved the food and ate things I had never tried before."                "The games room was fun and the instructors were cool."  no                 "I didn't want to leave."  wink



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