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St John's Primary Academy

School Council



We are the school council. We have been elected by our classmates to represent their views and to hopefully improve our school. 


There are two main reps from each year group.                      There are also two vice reps.

          Year 3 - Isobel and William                                                        Year 3 vice - Laya and William/Kate 

          Year 4 - Kian and Ben                                                                Year 4 vice- Joy and Zak

          Year 5 - Keanu and Benny                                                         Year 5 vice- Georgia and Thomas

          Year 6 - Matthew and Ella                                                          Year 6 vice- Emily and James




We are continuing to try and promote healthy eating in our school. We have asked all KS2 to make sure their snack for playtime is separate from their lunch boxes so they are not tempted by chocolate, crisps etc. Their healthy snacks should be put into their trays ready to be enjoyed at playtime.


Our latest project comes from the suggestions of children of St Johns of how to make our school better inside and out. We have been donated a generous sum of money from the Friends of the School to help with any ideas and improvements we think could help. We are discussing the report from a previous survey and have already come up with some great ideas to try. Watch this space!


We are all proud to be wearing our new school council badges  😃


The school have been very excited because the Knight, for the Lincoln Knights' Trail, has arrived!

We are proud to say that we managed to raise some of the money to buy it.

The design suggestions have been put together to produce a final design and the Knight is now

starting to come alive with colour!


Each week we will download the minutes from our meetings so you can all see what other things we have been up to.


We will be happy to listen to any views, ideas or concerns you may have......just let your class rep know!




Growing young minds: a great place to enjoy learning!